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At InfoComm 2023, Infiled showcased an extensive line of their LED display products, with options suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. The outdoor displays included the new EZ2.6 series for digital out of home (DOOH) advertising. It featured energy-saving technology, with a maximum power consumption of only 210W per panel, and a high contrast ratio of 26,700:1 to ensure content clarity. Scrolling Led Display Board

Infiled’s Extensive LED Product Line for DOOH – Display Daily

The Atlas-X series, co-developed with PRG, was also on display. It featured ±10° concave-convex screen settings, hidden suspension hooks, and vertical locking systems for easier installation. The Titan-X series was another notable outdoor display shown, providing a unique solution with up to 70% transparency and the ability to withstand wind speeds of 20 m/s.

The indoor displays ranged from a 5m*2m XII series curved screen hanging above the booth, which had a 2.6mm pixel pitch and a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, to a unique curved screen consisting of the XII series and the EZ series. The latter was designed to showcase the flexibility and compatibility of different Inflied products when used in combination, and its display parameters could be adjusted to achieve consistent performance across different product series.

Infiled also demonstrated their fine-pixel-pitch indoor solutions, with the DB1.5 Pro series screen making a notable impression. This screen was designed with applications such as virtual production studios in mind, and it utilized 16-bit grayscale and HDR technology to accurately present high-detail content in both extremely bright and dark scenes.

The WT0.9 series indoor screen was also on display, which uses a chip-on-board (COB) encapsulation technology. This technology ensured effective heat dissipation and minimum light decay of its LED panels, and it provided superior surface protection to prevent damage to the LED beads during transportation or installation.

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Infiled’s Extensive LED Product Line for DOOH – Display Daily

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