Atomic Heart: How To Get The Cold Workshop & Pesticide Workshop Canisters | In An Overgrown Park Mission Guide - Gameranx

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Atomic Heart: How To Get The Cold Workshop & Pesticide Workshop Canisters | In An Overgrown Park Mission Guide - Gameranx

We’re almost out of the Vavilov Complex in Atomic Heart. The gargantuan starting area takes hours to complete — and there’s one last hurdle in our way. There are two labs to clear: the Cold Workshop and the Pesticide Workshop. You’ll have to solve a strange animal puzzle, then navigate a vat of poison through a complicated web of tracks. Both of these areas can take time to solve, so we’re going to explain what to do in step-by-step instructions. Learn how to complete the second half of the Vavilov Complex and get the last two canisters in the full puzzle guide below.

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Plugging in the first two canisters unlocks the second wing of the complex. Enter the new door that has unlocked to access both workshops. The first is the Cold Workshop. After fighting through a room packed with mutants and enemies, you’ll reach a strange room with livestock in aquariums.

Once you’re done, all the creatures will be ground up — and the door to the growing room will unlock. In the control room, you’ll find another laser grid puzzle.

How To Get The Cold Workshop Canister: After restoring power by pressing the red button, simply wait. Enemies will spawn — fight them and restore the deactivated fans with [Shok]. After restarting power again, you’ll need to fight plant creatures, shooting the flying sprouts and reactivating fans with [Shok] until the canister is filled.

Electro is very good for taking out sprouts, and the PM handgun with a Fire Cartridge is very effective against the corpses. Fight back the horde and don’t even try fighting them all. Keep moving and grab the canister once it is filled. After that, sprint for the exit.

Inside the Pesticide Workshop, you’ll encounter an NPC that needs your help. He’ll send you into the main work area. Take note of the tracks on the ground. Weave through the area until you encounter a large car with a yellow vat on the back. That’s the poison we need to transport.

That’ll send the poison into the main chamber — eventually destroying the giant plant. You’ll automatically collect the Pesticide Canister during the cutscene.

To leave the area, you’ll need to fight your way through large groups of enemies. The fights get a lot tougher here — the area is swarming with mutants and flying sprouts. You’ll be locked in a room with a special Large Mutant that can spawn more sprouts. Kill him quickly with the Shotgun or any other weapon you can get your hands on.

Leave through the hallway above the original poison vat position. There’s a safe room on the way. Don’t bother fighting all the enemies. This area is swarming. Return to the lobby, socket both canisters, and unlock the exit door. You’re just one hallway away from freedom. At the exit door, you can choose to leave. This leads directly into the main section of the game — yes, there’s a massive open-world map to explore. This is just the beginning.

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Atomic Heart: How To Get The Cold Workshop & Pesticide Workshop Canisters | In An Overgrown Park Mission Guide - Gameranx

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