17 Best Wigs on Amazon, According to Customer Reviews

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Amazon is already a treasure trove of every type of good we can think of, and it becomes even more intimidating and overwhelming when you’re on the hunt for the best wigs on Amazon. The thing about buying wigs online is that it’s a huge gamble. Is the lace as high-definition as marketed? Will I need to book a professional stylist or is it a breeze for beginners? What lace size should I even buy? HD Glueless Wear Go Wig

17 Best Wigs on Amazon, According to Customer Reviews

“When shopping for a wig online, the best things to look for are the origin of the hair used for making the wig, the lace color, and the size,” celebrity hairstylist JStayReady explains. Given all you have to consider to find one good wig, it’s easy to become discouraged. We all want celebrity-level wigs at a fraction of the cost and with superb quality. It’s a tall order, but several vendors on Amazon can make that dream a reality.

We looked to online customer feedback to find the 17 best wigs on Amazon and polled hair experts for the best practices for maintaining a flawless install.

When it comes to the lace wig world, closures are typically easier to install and maintain than a frontal. Lace size matters, which makes the 5x5 closure a wig a godsend for beginners looking to mimic the frontal look and keep their edges intact. “This gives the versatility of being able to have multiple parts and light baby hair without the hassle of having to maintain a full hairline by going glueless,” says Dayonna Worrel, UNice hairstylist ambassador.

Silk press season is typically reserved for the fall/winter seasons to avoid humidity, sweat, and other threats that can ruin a perfectly good press. This wig features a kinky straight texture to mimic blown-out type-4 hair and gives you the silk press feel in just a few simple steps. The lace size is a 4x6 closure, which means you have a bit more parting space to work with.

An Amazon reviewer said: “This wig is a 10 out of 10. It was easy to install. The adjustable strap was great because I have a large head and it fit very well. The hair is soft and has a little bit of a wave to it. It was easy to curl, wash and blow dry, buy it.”

If lace closure and frontal wigs seem too challenging, opt for a U-part wig, instead. U-part wigs cover most of your hair and come with an opening—shaped in a U—where you can pull out some of your hair to cover the top track and create a seamless blend.

An Amazon reviewer said: “This hair was an amazing price; it hardly shed and it was so full! Will definitely be purchasing from this company again. Great communication and lovely service!”

Channel your inner Naomi Campbell with this sleek, straight lace wig. The lace size is a standard 13x4, so you’ll need to glue it down from ear to ear. What’s great about 13x4 frontal wigs is it offers a substantial amount of parting space for those looking to flip between middle and side parts.

An Amazon reviewer said: “This is the best hair I’ve ever ordered. It was so soft, barely shedded, held curls and one wear lasted so long. This is a must buy!!!!”

This loose wave wig is the best investment for those looking for a wake-up-and-go kind of wig. You don’t need to manipulate the hair too much, but you will need to wet it throughout the week to revive and freshen up the curls. The 13x4 frontal allows for easy switch-ups.

An Amazon reviewer said: “I love this hair. Got a few weeks ago and it is still soft and easy to comb through. Lace is also easy to work with.”

No glue is required to rock this full wig, which has a fake scalp illusion at the top to mimic real kinky, curly hair. Because it’s 100 percent human hair, it can be dyed, blown out, and curled without ruining the quality.

An Amazon reviewer said: “You do have to give this wig a little TLC, but once you do, it’s very beautiful! I use water and mouse and I’ve received so many compliments! This is my new go-to wig now! You’ll love it!”

If you’re looking for a low-lift, no-fuss wig for everyday wear, this brown wig from Haircube is your next purchase. While it is made of synthetic hair, which means it likely won’t last as long as human hair, it doesn’t require much manipulation and is easily customizable.

An Amazon reviewer said: “Looks so realistic. Kinda sheds a bit but no problem. Comfort is great. Soft touch, not too shiny, and the color is perfect.”

Why save your balayage look for the warmer months when you can wear it year-round or whenever you want? This unit loads on the highlights for a more brownish-blonde ombre that runs from roots to ends.

An Amazon reviewer said: “Very beautiful. This is a very full and thick wig. I have nothing but good to say about this company. I recommend it to everyone!!!!!”

A viral TikTok wig and a good bang for your buck, Sensationnel’s Butta Lace line takes everything you thought you knew about synthetic wigs and flips it on its head. The lace is pretty thin and HD, so it will melt into your scalp so well others won’t be able to guess it’s a wig.

An Amazon reviewer said: “I love this wig. The lace is really nice and was bendable. I love the colors and the curls. I get so many compliments on this wig. It does tangle, but some silicone spray will help with the tangles. It honestly looks better the older it gets.”

WowAngel’s Skinlike HD is thinner than most offerings, which means your wig will be undetectable to any curious eyes. Even better, this wig is a 13x6 frontal wig, so you can morph and flip the hair into a bevy of styles.

An Amazon reviewer said: “The best wig I’ve ever purchased from Amazon. No need to pluck and the lace melts perfectly. The hair is so soft and true to length. I did bleach the knots and it came out flawless.”

Color doesn’t have to be scary, especially when you can test a colored wig before putting your hair through the dyeing process. If you’re on the hunt for a copper transformation, opt for this reddish-brown, 13x4 wig that comes with an HD lace and a breathable cap for longer wear.

An Amazon reviewer said: “I absolutely love this unit. The hair is so soft with little to no shedding. It true to description and the color is gorgeous. I appreciate the pre-plucked hairline; very natural. Overall I would purchase this unit again without question.”

Vacation calls for a curly wig that can withstand pool or beach water and still dry to a gorgeous wave. CheetahBeauty's HD lace wig has a deeper curl pattern than loose or water wave, and can easily be refreshed with water and conditioner for luscious, bouncy curls. Keep in mind that the longer the hair, the looser the curl pattern.

An Amazon reviewer said: “If you’re looking at reviews trying to decide if this wig is as good as it looks. This is your sign to get it! This is my third time installing the hair and it installed just as good as the first time. The curl pattern is so cute and it’s not kinky! I don’t usually leave reviews but I’m doing it for the Amazon girlies. 😊”

Bet you never saw a synthetic wig that rivaled your favorite HD human hair wigs. Outre’s Melted Hairline collection was designed to look as seamless as a human hair lace wig for a fraction of the cost.

An Amazon reviewer said: “Soft, easy to manage & so cute! It’s giving natural. I bought a 1B; I’ll probably do a 2 next time. I like the lighter browns.”

The best part about buying a 613 wig is its versatility. Of course, you can leave the wig in its natural blonde state, or you can experiment with different hair dyes to create the color, highlights, or ombre you desire. Blonde hair takes dye better than most colors, so the options are endless. This wig comes straight but can hold a curl and is thick enough from end to root.

An Amazon reviewer said: “The quality of the hair is amazing. The wig is full and I love it.”

For a shorter bang wig option, this Amazon bestseller comes pre-colored in a black and brown highlighted style. The bangs fall about four inches over the face, so you’ll likely have to cut and style the wig to your desired length or thinness. The wig is also designed with a natural hairline that can be plucked for a more realistic illusion.

An Amazon reviewer said: “For a wig on the cheaper side, this one is very cute! It doesn’t shed very much when brushed and the color is just how I thought it would be from the picture. Definitely 5 stars.”

Switching to ginger hair color can be quite a transformation. Take baby steps toward your desired shade by opting for this deep chocolate wig. The pre-colored wig is deep enough for a subtle lift from black, and can be colored even more if you’re looking to do highlights or go full ginger.

An Amazon reviewer said: “This color really gave what it needed too!! As someone that knows how certain browns can look, this one did not disappoint!! It was the perfect color of chocolate brown, just like they said, and it honestly gave like it was coming out of my scalp!! This wig color makes me want to dye my real hair this color!! The hair was soft and gave a blowout look when straight, which I personally loved!”

Choose your bob: Rihanna in the “Work” video or Kerry Washington’s signature “Scandal” look? With this wig, the sky’s the limit for the many different bob hairstyles you can create, whether you favor a side or middle part, curly or straight, and blunt or feathered.

An Amazon reviewer said: “I love this wig. So soft and full! Hair does not shed and lace makes for an easy install. MUST BUY!”

JStayReady is an LA-based celebrity hairstylist.

Dayonna Worrel is a hairstylist and UNice ambassador.

If you’re new to wigs, you might not want to jump into lace fronts immediately. Instead, Unice ambassador Dayonna Worrel advises starting with a 5x5 closure first, then working your way up. “I’d recommend beginners start the 5x5 lace closure wigs. This gives the versatility of being able to have multiple parts and light baby hair without the hassle of maintaining a full hairline by going glueless,” she explains. Plus, 5x5 closures are quick and easy to remove.

Celebrity hairstylist JStayReady, who counts Doja Cat, Coco Jones, and Kelly Rowland as clients, shares one simple piece of advice: “Treat [the wig] as if it were your own hair,” he says. Just as you’d have a wash day for your natural hair, wigs deserve some TLC, too. “Shampoo and condition when needed, stay away from harsh chemicals/products, don’t use excessive heat, and your wig should last you for years,” he explains. Worrel adds, “Always detangle hair from the ends and work your way up. Be super gentle with the lace. Try not to scratch over it or cause any friction on the lace to prevent balding.” Those who are glue-averse and prefer a glueless style, invest in a mannequin to preserve your wig quality.

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17 Best Wigs on Amazon, According to Customer Reviews

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