D&D fan and NFL player Johnny Stanton has created his own, branded DnD dice set featuring the athlete's logo, in partnership with Die Hard Dice

NFL player Johnny Stanton is a D&D fan, and a DM who’s responsible for getting plenty of other American football stars into the hobby. Now the athlete has created his own golden DnD dice set, partnering with DnD dice and accessory store Die Hard Dice to create a unique design. Hollow Dice Dnd

NFL nerd Johnny Stanton is selling his own golden DnD dice | Wargamer

“This set of metal dice have had so much thought and work put into them, and I am so excited for them to be out into the world,” Stanton said on Wednesday, in a tweet revealing the product. His DnD dice, titled the Golden Gridiron Stanton IV, go up for sale on Die Hard Dice’s store on Friday, November 4.

“My one design request was to have my logo, a stylized IV on the 4 side of the d6,” Stanton explains. He adds that if sales go well, he may have opportunities to slap that logo on “more of the dice” – suggesting this may be the first in a range of Stanton DnD dice sets.

Johnny Stanton first cropped up in D&D news last year, when fans found out he was the DM of a Cleveland Browns D&D club, The Heathens, that also featured Myles Garrett and Wyatt Teller.

The group formed back in 2020, but there’s recent buzz about it because ESPN ran a segment on the group last weekend.

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NFL nerd Johnny Stanton is selling his own golden DnD dice | Wargamer

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